Undervalued Fantasy Players

Updated: 8/06/2019

Undervalued players are players that are being drafted later than their rank should justify. For example, if a player is ranked 40th on our player list in a perfect world it would mean that player would be drafted with the last pick of the 4th round in a 10 team league, or pick number 40. If they are drafted significantly later than the 40th pick then the player is being undervalued. This makes that player a great value (if we trust the projections), because their performance should exceed other players we could have chosen with the same draft pick. The purpose of this article is to show which players are currently being undervalued according to their rank and average draft position. These will be players we will want to target to get optimal value out of our draft.

The data we are using comes from our sister site Fandraftic is an online web application to make fantasy drafting easier, but it allows us to easily see the overvalued players. We are using an average of the projections for the players from sites like ESPN, Sportsline, Numberfire, etc and applying them to the default Yahoo scoring and roster type for a 10 team league. The average draft position data comes from Anyway, enough about that, let's get started.

Player Team/Position Rank ADP Notes
Travis Kelce Chiefs/TE 8 19 Before the Gronk era the idea of drafting a tight end in the first round was a crazy one. Even though Gronk did earn his first round status at times, making that TE pick in the first round it very tough for some of us old timers. With Gronk still retired that leaves Kelce on the top of TE hill, and projections have him sitting at the #8 spot. At this point it seems drafters aren't seeing that value as he is going off the board near the end of the 2nd round.
JuJu Smith-Schuster Steelers/WR 9 17 Antonio Brown's antics got him shipped off to Oakland and projectors are expecting JuJu to pick up the slack left by Brown's absence. Smith-Schuster's ADP is only 8 spots away from his rank, but this close to the beginning of the draft and 8 spot difference is much bigger than later in the draft.
Zach Ertz Eagles/TE 26 38 Only three names into the list and already on our 2nd tight end. Obviously what we are seeing here is a big drop off in tight end value between the top tight ends and the rest. In leagues that require a tight end to be started a tight end having one that will significantly outperform most others can provide a nice advantage especially if he can be grabbed around pick number 38.
Julian Edelman Patriots/WR 32 43 Year after year the Patriots continue to outperform compared to the other teams, and with all those wins come points. Projectors know that Edelman will have to be responsible for a fair amount of those yards and points. Not sure if drafters are less optimistic about the 42 year old Tom Brady or if they believe the Patriots can't string together another above average year. Either way if projectors are correct Julian Edelman might be able to be picked up with a full round of added value compared to his ADP.
Deshaun Watson Texans/QB 35 51 Over the last few years it seems the value has been moving away from the QB position. With the league becoming so pass happy it seems there are many serviceable fantasy QBs. If anything this year there are more fantasy worthy QBs than in previous years, but value is value and Deshaun Watson's current ADP if 51 represents a round and a half of value.

We're still pretty early with the projections and the ADP values so hopefully we'll see a fair amount of movement in the next few weeks as new news comes out. Check back for updates, or go to to see the complete rankings.